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Alex DuLaney PLLC. Attorney at Law. Collin County, Texas. Serving Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen. Prosper, Fairview, Farmersville, Prosper, Anna, Wylie, Murphy, Celina.

Estate Planning: Wills, Probate, Trusts, Guardianship, Codicils, Powers of Attorney. Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division, Prenuptial Agreements, Child Support Enforcement, Paternity Rights, Parental Rights. Transportation Law: Cargo Liability, Tractor/Trailer Accidents, Employment Issues, Equipment Leases, Texas Transportation Code Compliance, Freight Claims, FMCSA Compliance. Commercial Law: Entity Formation, Litigation, Contracts, Transactions, Employment Law.

If you are looking for an attorney who was born and raised in the Dallas area, trust Alex DuLaney to use his years of experience in both business and law to find a solution to your needs. Alex's mission is to provide courteous, professional help with commercial matters or disputes and personal needs like divorce, wills, and more. Schedule an Appointment

Learn more about Alex DuLaney's experience and how his practice can help you work with the law to achieve your goals.

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Alex DuLaney PLLC. Attorney at Law. Collin County, Texas. Serving Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco.

Family Law: Child Custody, Parental Rights, Divorce, Child Support Enforcement, Property Division, Prenuptial Agreements, Paternity Rights. Estate Planning: Guardianship, Codicils, Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Trusts. Commercial Law: Transactions, Litigation, Contracts, Employment Law, Entity Formation. Transportation Law: Equipment Leases, Tractor/Trailer Accidents, Freight Claims, Texas Transportation Code Compliance, FMCSA Compliance, Employment Issues, Cargo Liability.

Wylie, Farmersville, Fairview, Murphy, Prosper, Prosper, Celina, Anna.

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